March 26, 2010 (Friday) / 9:00 am4:30 pm

Nevil Classroom, Penn Museum


11th Annual Undergraduate Humanities Forum Research Conference

9:00–9:15 | Welcome

9:15–10:20a | Session I | Ruptures, Routes, and (Re)Connections
Respondent: Timothy Rommen, Associate Professor of Music

    Meredith Aska McBride, College '10
Sampling the Shtetl, Rapping the Torah: Reinventing American Jewish Identity through Hip Hop

    Joshua Bennett, College '10
(Crip)Walking on Water: Re-reading Disability in African American Culture

    Jonathan Howard, College '10
The Atlantic Unimaginary: Sitting at the Dock of the Bay

10:20–11:25a | Session II | Broken Promises: (Dis)connections
Respondent: Ronald Granieri, Assistant Professor of History

    Brandon Bloch, College '11
Local Conflict, Global Intervention: The Origins of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force

    Stephanie Engelhard, College '10
Constructing Socialism in East Germany: An Early History of the GDR; 1945-1955

    Daniella Mak, College '10
Colonial Discourse in the Cold War: Negotiations between Salazar and John F. Kennedy over Angolan Independence and the Azores Base from 1961 to 1963

11:25–11:35a | Break

11:35a–12:40p | Session III | Design and Human Nature
Respondent: Justus Myers, Ph.D. Student in Psychology

    Daniel Fein, College '10
Loyalty vs. Morality: Exploring Impartial Judgments in the Moral Domain

    Mario Peia, College '10
Integrating the Old with the New; Understanding the Social Construction of Cell Phone Technology

    Benjamin van Buren, College '10
Rebuilding Neuroaesthetics from the Ground Up

12:40–1:10p | Lunch

1:10–2:30p | Session IV | Ideas in Context, Actions in Retrospect
Respondent: Warren Breckman, Associate Professor of History

    Eric Augenbraun, College '10
Tuskegee in Philadelphia: The Ideological and Institutional Foundations of Leon Sullivan’s Opportunities Industrialization Centers

    Sophie Cavoulacos, College '10
Dwight Macdonald, American Radicalism and Intellectuals at Mid-century

    Emily Mullin, College '11
Understanding the Evolution of King Lear: An Examination of the 1838 Performance at Covent Garden Theatre

    Aro Velmet, College '10
40 Years is Enough: The Development of May 68 Mythology in France

2:45–3:00p | Lunch

3:00–4:20p | Session | Breaking Borders
Respondent: Heather Sharkey, Associate Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

    Dasha Barannik, College '10
In Search of “the Russian Path”: Impact of the 2008 Crisis on Russia’s Economic Policy

    Julia Enyart, College '10
Sovereignty at Stake: The Rise of Algerians in France and Transnationalism in the French Republic

    Ryan Leonard, College '10
Investigating China’s Medical Machine: The Working Life of Chinese Physicians

    Bob Ma, Wharton '10
Slum Tourism: A Trip into the Controversy