Regional Fellows

  • Roderick Coover

    Temple Assistant Professor, Film and Media Arts

    Project: Text, Webs, and the Time-Image

  • Julie R. Klein

    Villanova, Associate Professor, Philosophy

    Project: Words and Images: Towards a Materialist Account

  • Jena Osman

    Temple, Associate Professor, English and Creative Writing

    Project: Visual Poetics

  • Patricia L. Reilly

    Swarthmore, Assistant Professor, Art History

    Project: Giorgio Vasari and the Campaign to Create the Florentine Visual Vernacular

  • Nancy Shawcross

    Curator of Manuscripts in the Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Penn

    Project: Theses on Writing Sebald's Images after Barthes

  • Theresa M. Tensuan

    Haverford, Assistant Professor, English

    Project: Breaking the Frame: Oppositional Gazes in the Commix of Lynda Barry, Phoebe Gloeckner, and Ariel Schrag

  • Kathryn Wilson

    Director of Education and Interpretation at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania

    Project: Consuming Culture: Exploring Word, Image, and Embodiment in Nineteenth-Century Fashion Culture

  • John Zarobell

    Philadelphia Museum of Art, Assistant Curator, Department of European Painting and Sculpture before 1900

    Project: A Year in Paris: Edvard Munch's Mermaid and its Narratives