Undergraduate Fellows

  • Gisele Aris

    African Studies, Diplomatic History

    College '07

    Project: The Power and Politics of Dress in Africa

  • Sarah Breger

    Jewish History, English

    College '07

    Project: Sentenced to Marriage: “Chained Women” in Wartime

  • Sharon Cantor

    Intellectual History, Religious Studies

    College '08

    Project: Treading the Abyss: The Distressing Journey in Kierkegaardian Faith

  • Megan Curtiss

    Arts and Society in the Middle Ages

    College '07

    Project: Sailing to Byzantium: Medieval Italian Merchants and the East

  • Michael Ellis


    College '07

    Project: Wonderlands: Through the Traveling Lens

  • Sheira Feuerstein

    English, Theater Arts

    College '08

    Project: Me Mout' Haf Fe Sympat'ise Wid Somewhe: Dialect-Poetry of Ambivolence in the Postcolonial Caribbean Context

  • Sara Gorman

    English, Psychology

    College '07

    Project: “Sche knelyd upon hir kneys, hir boke in hir hand”: Manuscript Travel, Devotional Pedagogy, and the Textual Communities of The Book of Margery Kemp

  • Rachel Han

    Economics, Health and Societies

    College '08

    Project: The Effect of Immigration on the Health of the Diabetic Chinese and Malay Population

  • Di Hu

    Political Science, Anthropology

    College '07

    Project: Wonderlands: Through the Traveling Lens

  • Gerard Leone

    Art History, Philosophy

    College '07

    Project: The Suburban Jeremiads: Critical Dialogues on American Suburbia

  • Andrew Meyer

    Philosophy, Religious Studies

    College '07

    Project: "The Journey Itself Home": Wandering Poets of Japan

  • Kojo Minta

    History, Classical Studies, Religious Studies

    College '09

    Project: The Reverse Diaspora: African Immigrants and the Return Home

  • Ellen Mossman

    History, Economics

    College '07

    Project: Charming Charleston: Elite Preservation of an Idealized History

  • Sabina Pendse

    Environmental Studies, Philosophy, and Politics and Economics

    College '07

    Project: Traveling to Save Farms: A Look at Agritourism

  • Andrea Felber Seligman

    African Studies, World History

    College '07

    Project: Traveling African Ambassadors and Enountered Hospitality: A Dimension of African-European Diplomatic Relations in the 15th–17th Centuries

  • Justin Tackett

    English and Philosophy

    College '07

    Project: "What matter where?": Epic Geography and the Defense of Hell in Milton's Paradise Lost

  • Leonard Tso

    Philosophy, Politics and Economics

    College '09

    Project: National Variations of a Socialist Bloc Symbol: Foreigners- Only Facilities in Four Cold War Era Community Capitols

  • Cheryl Yang

    Biology, Economics

    College '08

    Project: Doctors’ Flight, Patients’ Plight: the Catch-22 of Health Care in Developing Countries