Regional Fellows

  • Edmund Campos

    Assistant Professor, English, Swarthmore College

    Project: Paths of Desire: Importation of American Luxury Goods into Europe during the Early Modern Period

  • Ann Gardiner

    Assistant Professor, Literature, Philadelphia University

    Project: Beyond the Nation: Travel and Exile Networks in Napoleonic Europe

  • Keally McBride

    Senior Fellow, Political Science, University of Pennsylvania

    Project: Amerique le miroir: Tocqueville, Beauvoir, and What Outside Observers Reveal about American Democracy

  • Melissa Pashigian

    Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Bryn Mawr College

    Project: Vietnam, Infertility, and the Globalized Market for Medical Tourism

  • Susan Shifrin

    Assistant Professor, Art History, Associate Director, Education, Berman Museum of Art, Ursinus College

    Project: The “Well-Travel’d” Story of the Duchess Mazarin: A Case Study in Early Modern Border Crossing

  • Kate Thomas

    Professor, English, Bryn Mawr College

    Project: Travel and Travail: The Vagrant in Nineteenth-Century British Literature and Culture

  • Jennifer Thompson

    Assistant Curator, European Painting before 1900, Philadelphia Museum of Art

    Project: John Constable, Locks, and Travel on the River Stour

  • Michael Tomko

    Assistant Professor, Literature, Villanova University

    Project: Finding Others Within: Travel, British Romanticism, and Religious Difference

  • Seth Whidden

    Assistant Professor, French, Villanova University

    Project: Rimbaud’s Voyages: Real and Imagined