Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Sarah L. Leonard

    Modern European History

    Ph.D., Brown University, 2001

    Project: Readers, Peddlers, and Policy: Popular Books and the Creation of Obscenity Law in 19th-Century Germany

  • Jennifer Milligan

    Modern European History

    Ph.D., Rutgers University, 2002

    Project: The Library and the Archives: The Place of the Author in History and the Nation-State in France, 1850-1900

  • Robert L. Romanchuk

    Slavic Languages and Literatures

    Ph.D., UCLA, 1999

    Project: Monks and Master Readers: The History of a Monastic Hermeneutic in the Russian North

  • Jennifer Snead

    18th-century British Literature

    Ph.D., Duke University, 2001

    Project: A “Strife of Words:” Eighteenth-Century Print Culture and the Publications of John Wesley

  • Geoffrey Turnovsky


    Ph.D., Columbia University, 2001

    Project: The Enlightenment "Literary Market:" Conceptualization of a Modern Cultural Field in France