Sofia Amalia Lund

Penn Humanities Forum Undergraduate Fellow

20152016 Forum on Sex

Sofia Amalia Lund

History of Art and Comparative Literature

College of Arts and Sciences, 2016

Gallery 404

404 is an experimental gallery and home. The project explores the possibilities of alternate, more intimate spaces for art and dialogue. 404 is not interested in inaccessible, material art work. In these next few months, 404 will be exploring installation, performance, and instructional-based art work. The space was inspired by Hans Ulrich Obrist’s 1993 show "do it." Our first installation is What to do When You Meet Rihanna by Zenobia R., a space that revolves around the artist’s sexuality and her self. Through Rihanna, instructional art, and radical self-love, Zenobia constructs a heterotopia, i.e., an anti-hegemonic site within society that offers the possibility for the creation of new knowledge and new ways of being in the world—and you are invited. Later on we will have an installation by Khadija T., Am I Overreacting?, which will explore pain in relationships by reconstructing internal spaces through physical objects and writing instructions around how to be truly intimate with people. A third installation by Sky Y. will focus on intimacy through the internet, and the way we so quickly move between everything from porn, to violent news and social media sites. It will also integrate instructions for recreating his pieces so that each participant may personalize his art and reflect on their own digital identities and desires.