Penn Faculty Fellows

  • Stefano Cracolici

    Associate Professor, Romance Languages

    Project: The Contours of Sleep in the Italian Renaissance (1420-1720)

  • Dean Cruess

    Assistant Professor, Psychology

    Project: Dreaming and Expressive Writing (journaling)

  • Heather Love

    Associate Professor, English

    Project: Cultural Fantasies and Queer Lit

  • Carol A. Muller

    Associate Professor, Music

    Project: Dialogues on Dreams, Western and “Third-world” Ideas of Dreaming

  • Sara Nadal-Melsió

    Assistant Professor, Romance Languages

    Project: André Bazin and Luís Buñuel: Film as an Eschatological Dream

  • Christian Lee Novetzke

    Assistant Professor, South Asian and Religious Studies

    Project: Use of Dreams in the Varkari and other Religious Traditions in India

  • Peter Struck

    Assistant Professor, Classical Studies

    Project: Natural Supernaturalism: Ancient Explanations of Dream Divination