Reinaldo Laddaga

Andrew W. Mellon Penn Faculty Fellow in the Humanities

20052006 Forum on Word and Image

Reinaldo Laddaga

Assistant Professor, Romance Languages

Multimedia Collaborative Production in the Arts in an Age of Globalization

Prof. Laddaga's current research expands upon his most recent book, El giro hacia la practica. Transformaciones en las artes en una epoca de globalizacion, which looks at collaborative multimedia projects by Dutch, Argentinean, British, and Italian artists whose work defies easy categorization as film, art, or literature.

Turning to collaborative on-line production, he investigates three initiatives: the recent projects of Jodi, two Dutch media artists who appropriate the rhetoric of video games for the production of on-line interactive art pieces that integrate texts, image and sound; "Projeto Metafora," a project developed in Brazil that links art production and software programming; and the work of the Internet artists known as Dr Laddaga intends to incorporate the results of this research into the English version of his book.