Undergraduate Fellows

  • Priya Agarwal

    History, Economics

    College '08

    Project: The Peshawar Incident and the Kanpur Riots: Two Textbook Cases of Hindu-Muslim Unity

  • Rajiv Bhagat

    South Asia Studies, English

    College '09

    Project: Origins of Hindu-Muslim Communal Antagonism and Harmony in Gujarat, India

  • Li Chen

    East Asian Studies, Finance

    College and Wharton '09

    Project: The Formation, Transformation and Impact of the Thought of “Inheritors of the Orthodox Civilization” in East Asia from the Mid 1640’s to Late 1860’s

  • Janet Comenos


    College '08

    Project: The Origins of American Fascism, in Relation to John Crowe Ransom and the KKK

  • Sheira Feuerstein


    College '08

    Project: Suggestions for Shakespeare: The Audacious Alterations to 19th Century Shakespearean Promptbooks

  • Jordan Greenwald

    French, Comp Lit

    College '08

    Project: “A Cult of the Self”: Dandyism and the Origins of Gay Identity

  • Alice Hickey

    Diplomatic History

    College '08

    Project: William A. Rich and the American Field Service: An Inquiry into the Social Consciousness of the World War II Generation

  • Gurpreet Kalra

    Political Science, English

    College '08

    Project: Demystifying the Ideological Dilemma: and the Revival of Traditional Japanese Values

  • Jason Mischel

    Business & Public Policy; Environmental Policy & Management

    Wharton '08

    Project: Origins of Social Enterprise and the New Societal Construct: From For Profit to For Good

  • Jason Nagata

    Health & Societies, Biological Basis of Behavior

    College '08

    Project: Beliefs, Practices, and Sanitation of Food and Health in Santiago Atilan, Guatemala

  • Rachel Omansky

    European History

    College '08

    Project: The Sixteenth Century Origins of Scottish National Identity: Kirk, Queen, Feud and Factionalism and the 1565 Chaseabout Raid

  • Alicia Puglionesi

    English, Cognitive Science

    College '09

    Project: “Incidents in the life”: Crises of selfhood in 19th century autobiography

  • David Reinecke

    Science, Technology, and Society

    College '09

    Project: George Clinton, Kraftwerk, and a Sequencer to keep them company: The Origins of Techno and House

  • David Rimoch

    Intellectual History

    College '08

    Project: The Affair or the State: Intellectuals, the Press, and the Dreyfus Affair

  • Curtis Roche

    Classical Studies

    College '08

    Project: “I’ll burn down the school”: Aristophanic Comedy and the Trial of Socrates

  • Sarana Stein

    Anthropology, Comparative Literature

    College '09

    Project: Rewriting Origins: Indigenous Authors, Ethno-regenesis and the Rise of Contemporary Aboriginal Identity in Argentina

  • Melissa Teixeira

    History, Economic History

    College '08

    Project: Caught on the Periphery: Portuguese Neutrality during World War II and Anglo-American Negotiations with Salazar

  • Samuel (Ari) Wisch


    College '08

    Project: British Counterinsurgency Strategy: The 1936-1939 Arab Revolt in Palestine