Penn Faculty Fellows

  • Warren Breckman

    Associate Professor

    Modern European History

    Project: Adventures of the Symbolic: French Postmarxism and Democratic Theory

  • Patricia D’Antonio

    Associate Professor

    History of Nursing

    Project: Owning Origins: Nursing in 19th Century Philadelphia

  • Barbara Fuchs


    Romance Languages & Comparative Literature

    Project: Exotic Nation: “Maurophilia” and the Conflictive Construction of Spain

  • Michael Gamer

    Associate Professor


    Project: Waverley and the Object of (Literary) History

  • Lisa Mitchell

    Assistant Professor

    South Asia Studies

    Project: Origins and Identities: Historicizing Historical Linguistic Ideology

  • Ralph Rosen


    Classical Studies

    Project: Ancient Greeks on the Origins of Medicine, Intelligent Design, and the ‘Nature of Humankind’

  • Robert Vitalis

    Associate Professor

    Political Sciences

    Project: North Versus Black Atlantic: Race, Empire, and the Origins of American International Relations