Nishanth Bhargava

Wolf Humanities Center Undergraduate Fellow

20242025 Forum on Keywords

Nishanth Bhargava

History, Comparative Literature

CAS, 2027

Nishanth Bhargava is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences studying History and Comparative Literature. Originally from New Jersey, his research interests revolve around radical politics, particularly the anti-colonial movements of the late 20th century. He hopes to explore the transnational connections between the radicals of postcolonial Africa and Asia and those of Western Europe, studying the ways in which revolutionaries from around the world influenced one another in theory and tactics. Nishanth is most interested in studying how these political movements attempted to break with the status quo and re-organize society on entirely new principles, revealing to us potential ways of living that are radically different from our own. In his free time, Nishanth enjoys playing guitar, watching political thrillers and meandering. 

Live Without Dead Time: Fetishism and Reification in the European Student Movements of 1968

This project seeks to explore how the radical Western European student movements of 1968 arose out of new understandings of the traditional Marxist concepts of alienation and commodity fetishism. To do this, this project will analyze the statements and publications of radical students and workers across Western Europe, with a particular focus on how their interpretations of Marx differed from orthodox Marxists. Finally, this project will examine how the new language of alienation used by left-wing radicals expanded the site of revolutionary struggle from the workplace to society as a whole, and shaped the concrete political activity of radical groups.