Regional Fellows

  • Mariola Alvarez

    Assistant Professor of Art History, Temple University

    Project: Becoming Brazilian: Immigrant Artists’ Groups in São Paulo

    Mariola V. Alvarez is an Assistant Professor of Art History at Tyler School of Art and Architecture at Temple University. She researches and writes about modern and contemporary Latin American art with a focus on... (more)

  • Min Kyung Lee

    Assistant Professor of Growth and Structure of Cities, Bryn Mawr College

    Project: Mapping Wigs and Plywood: Korean Migration and the African American Urban Landscape

    Min Kyung Lee is Assistant Professor of Modern Architecture in the Growth and Structure of Cities Department at Bryn Mawr College. Her previous work has explored the relations of mapping, geography, architecture, and... (more)

  • Meriel Tulante

    Associate Professor of Italian Studies, Thomas Jefferson University

    Project: Somali-Italian Migration in the Novels of Igiaba Scego and Cristina Ali Farah

    Meriel Tulante is Associate Professor of Italian Studies at Thomas Jefferson University, where she is also the Program Director for the Hallmarks Core for General Education. Her research is centered on post-WWII... (more)

  • Jamie Zelechowski

    Assistant Professor of Instruction (German), French, German, Italian, and Slavic, Temple University

    Project: Resignifying People and Territory: German and Polish Cinema vis-à-vis the Potsdam Agreement and Beyond

    Jamie Zelechowski is Assistant Professor of Instruction for German in the Department of French, German, Italian, and Slavic at Temple University. Her research interests include German-Polish relations, memory,... (more)