Mariela Solana

Associate Scholar

20152016 Forum on Sex

Mariela Solana

Assistant Professor of Cultural Practices, National University Arturo Jauretche
PhD candidate in Philosophy, University of Buenos Aires

Mariela Solana's research focuses on the role of history and temporality in Queer and Gender Studies. She will be a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania for the fall 2015 term. During that time, she will complete her PhD dissertation titled History and Temporality in Queer Studies: Ontological and Political Repercussions. Currently, she is also interested in examining Feminist and Queer discussions of affect and emotions.

Time and History in Queer Theory: An Argentine Reading of Queer Temporality

This research project explores the uses of the notion of queer temporality in several queer texts and its possible applications to complicate historical writing. In addition, it employs the idea of queer temporality to revisit Argentine sexual literature. By reading the figure of the “loca” in the work of Néstor Perlongher and Alejandro Modarelli as a queer anachronism, it challenges the historical narrative based on the alleged progress from a pre-gay model to a gay model in Argentina. Furthermore, it argues for an alternative account of the Argentine queer past attentive to those sexual practices and identifications that are left out from optimistic historical narratives.