Lindsay Ceballos

Wolf Humanities Center Regional Fellow

20222023 Forum on Heritage

Lindsay Ceballos

Assistant Professor of Russian and East European Studies, Lafayette College

Lindsay Ceballos is assistant professor of Russian and East European Studies at Lafayette College in Easton, PA and lives in Philadelphia. In 2020, she was awarded an ACLS Fellowship and a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Harvard University's Davis Center for her first book project, "Reading Faithfully: Russian Modernist Criticism and the Making of Dostoevsky, 1881-1917," which is nearing completion. She has published various articles on Russian culture and literature, including most recently, “Aryan or Semitic? On the Racial Origins of “Tolstoy vs. Dostoevsky” (The Russian Review, Vol. 81, No. 2 [April 2022]).

Children of Gannibal: The Multiethnic Past and Future of Russian Literary Heritage (1820-90)

Children of Gannibal reframes Russian literary heritage as a multiethnic project aimed at challenging imperial narratives of racial homogeneity and nationalist unity. Relying on frameworks from race, ethnic, and cultural studies, approaches that are still relatively new to Slavic literary studies, this book-length project critically examines metaphorical and actual representations of mixed-race experience in canonical texts of the nineteenth century.From Pushkin’s attempt to tell the life story of his great-grandfather Gannibal, an enslaved African,to Dostoevsky’s reimaging of Othello’s blackness in The Brothers Karamazov, this study reveals writers’ on going impulses to describe a multiethnic Russian heritage.Finally, this pattern in Russian literary development is put into sustained dialogue with the rise of cultural anthropology and the origins of race as a structure for analysis.