Jeanne Vaccaro

Associate Scholar

20122013 Forum on Peripheries

Jeanne Vaccaro

SAS Postdoctoral Fellow
Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies

Handmade: The Everyday Feelings and Textures of Transgender Embodiment

In my research I place transgender studies in dialogue with craft and material studies, affect theory, and feminist art history and visual culture. My project mobilizes the term "felt" in both its material and affective senses to animate interwoven questions of texture, trace and sensation. Craft – too often dismissed as low art, amateurism or merely "women's work" – generates a rich investigation of feminist labor, collective process and quotidian aesthetics. I cultivate, rather than dismiss, craft's over-determined relationship to the domestic sphere and the feminine, as an ideal site through which to observe gender, labor and the quotidian. I deploy craft to theorize what I call the "handmade" body and signal my interest in the everyday and ordinary affects of transgender embodiment.