Undergraduate Fellows

  • Zoë Affron

    English, Environmental Studies

    CAS, 2023

    Project: Modernist Ecologies: The Short Fiction of E.M. Forster and Virginia Woolf

    Zoë Affron is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences from Philadelphia. She is majoring in both English and Environmental Studies. She is especially interested in 20th-century literature and environmental... (more)

  • Ezra Chan

    Health and Societies

    CAS, 2024

    Project: Legacies of Loss: An Ethical Analysis of Human Remains in Modern Collections

    Ezra is a student from Vancouver majoring in Health and Societies. While not directly related to his core studies, he is interested in examining the ethical implications of modern museums and exploring their role in... (more)

  • Olive Coles

    Russian and East European Studies; Political Science

    CAS, 2023

    Project: Finding the Words: Searching for ‘Truth’ in the Shadows of Soviet Past

    Olive is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences double majoring in Russian and East European Studies and Political Science. Originally from London, U.K., Olive seeks to explore processes of transition and... (more)

  • Roseline Gray

    International Relations; Russian and East European Studies

    CAS, 2023

    Project: Historical Imagination and Political Power: The Role of Premodern Narratives in Contemporary Russian National Identity

    Roseline Gray is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is pursuing majors in international relations and Russian and East European studies. While she hopes to eventually explore these interests in the... (more)

  • Tyler Kliem

    Comparative Literature, Design

    CAS, 2024

    Project: Blending Poetics and the Avant-Garde: The Constructed Yidishkeyt in the Works of Yiddish Literary and Art Collectives in Europe, 1918–1924

    Tyler Kliem (he/him/his) is a junior in the College of Arts & Sciences from Hamilton, New Jersey. Majoring in comparative literature and design, his current research interests include Yiddish literature and... (more)

  • Wes Matthews


    CAS, 2023

    Project: Architecture Of Disillusion: A Qualitative Study of Nihilism Among Black Men in Hip Hop Performance

    Wes Matthews is a senior in the College of Arts & Sciences studying cultural anthropology and religion, hailing from Detroit. His research interests primarily encompass music, popular American culture, and... (more)

  • Pierre Peters

    Music; Cultural Anthropology

    CAS, 2023

    Project: BRING IT ON HOME: A Decolonial Analysis of Musical Instruments in the Penn Museum

    Pierre Li Peters (he/they) is a senior from Philadelphia, PA, studying Music and Cultural Anthropology. His primary research interests rest in ethnomusicology and cultural heritage through the lens of decoloniality... (more)

  • Sophie Qi

    Health and Societies; History

    CAS, 2023

    Project: Miss Super Clean: Public Health as Nation Building in Late-Colonial Period Hong Kong

    Sophie is a senior from Hong Kong, majoring in History and Health and Societies, with concentrations in Diplomatic History and Healthcare Markets and Finance, respectively. Her research interests include colonialism... (more)

  • Vita Raskeviciute

    International Relations; Russian and Eastern European Studies

    CAS, 2023

    Project: On the Brink of Independence: Public Opinion about What it Means to Be Lithuanian

    Vita Raskeviciute is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences pursuing International Relations and Russian and Eastern European Studies. As she was born and raised in Lithuania, Vita is interested in the... (more)

  • Miriam Shah

    Intellectual History

    CAS, 2023

    Project: Inheriting Political Myth: India’s National Identity?

    Miriam Shah is a student in the College, studying Intellectual History with a concentration in Judaic Studies. She grew up in the suburbs of Washington, DC, although much of her childhood was spent visiting family in... (more)

  • Aili Waller

    History of Art

    CAS, 2024

    Project: Using Genealogy to Recover Lost Artists: The Case of Josephine Walters

    Aili Waller is a junior from Lexington, Virginia. She is majoring in Art History and minoring in Global Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Her current academic interests lie in the study of forgotten 19th-century... (more)