Daniel Asen

Andrew W. Mellon Undergraduate Fellow in the Humanities

20022003 Forum on The Book

Daniel Asen

College House Humanities Fellow (Harnwell)



The internet in China is an important topic on many levels. From a global perspective, the internet has penetrated a society open economically but closed politically. Closer to home, such an examination underscores how far China has come in the last twenty years, but also where China is going in the future. On a human level the internet can be an empowering force, but also a new reason for repression and the disregard of human rights. With all of this in mind, Asen poses two questions regarding internet use in China: how has the CCP attempted to control the internet?; and what consequences has this response had for China? Sources probed for this project include websites, reports, and interviews from international media and organizations that monitor human rights and international communications, as well as academic journals dealing with political science, communications, and economics.