Regional Fellows

  • Lloyd DeWitt

    Assistant Curtor, Philadelphia Museum of Art

    Project: Rembrandt's Image of Jesus

  • Priya Joshi

    Associate Professor, English, Temple University

    Project: Nationalism and Public Fantasy in Bollywood Cinema

  • Dustin Kidd

    Assistant Professor, Sociology, Temple University

    Project: Legislating Creativity: The Intersections of Art and Politics

  • Lisa Kirschenbaum

    Professor, History, West Chester University

    Project: Imagined Revolution: The Soviet Union, the Spanish Civil War, and the Making of International Communists

  • Ellen Ledoux

    Assistant Professor, English, Rutgers, Camden

    Project: Popular Reforms: Progressive Ideology and Gothic Writing 1760-1820

  • Charlene Mires

    Associate Professor, History, Villanova University

    Project: Changing Views of Space and Place at the End of WWII: The Search for the Capital of the World

  • Kory Olson

    Assistant Professor, French, Stockton College

    Project: Mapping the Paris of the Future: French Cartographic Discourse,1900-1939

  • Meredith Ray

    Assistant Professor, Italian, University of Delaware

    Project: The Alchemy of Gender: Women's Voices, Female Bodies, and Alchemical Discourse in Early Modern Italian Texts