Penn Faculty Fellows

  • Leslie Dawn Caliahan

    Assistant Professor, Religious Studies

    Project: Wonderworking Power: Violence, Racial Difference and the Development of Pentecostal Religious Culture

  • Gautam Ghosh

    Assistant Professor, Anthropology

    Project: Nation, Civilization, Religion: Hindu Chauvinism and the Internet

  • Nili Gold

    Assistant Professor, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

    Project: Inside the Apple: A Comprehensive Reading of Yehuda Amichai's Poetry

  • Stecen Gross

    Assistant Professor, Philosophy

    Project: Belief-Concious and Unconcious

  • Arthur Kiron

    Curator of Judaica Collections, University of Pennsylvania Library, Belief and Humor

    Project: Belief in Humor

  • Robert A. Maxwell

    Assistant Professor, Art History

    Project: Myth and Family Romance in the Art of Feudal Aquitaine

  • Andrew Norris

    Assistant Professor, Political Science

    Project: On Socratic Politics: Belief, Persuasion, and Political Judgment

  • Timothy Rommen

    Assistant Professor, Music

    Project: Protestant Vibrations? Reggae, Rastafarianism, and Conscious Evangelicals

  • Bethany Wiggin

    Assistant Professor, German

    Project: Fashionably Godless

  • Emily Wilson

    Assistant Professor, Classical Studies

    Project: Like Truth: Lies, Deceit and the Suspension of Disbelief in Ancient Drama