Beandrea Davis

Andrew W. Mellon Undergraduate Fellow in the Humanities

20022003 Forum on The Book

Beandrea Davis

College House Humanities Fellow (Harrison)

Afro-American Studies & French


Gender oppression in western Africa remains a perduring legacy of French colonialism. During colonialism, the ideology of Euro-male supremacy began to systematically undermine the cultural practices and patterns of social organization and African women's labor. In more recent times, African feminist thought has actively worked to rectify resulting gender oppression. However, what exactly constitutes African feminist thought? Are social and political changes necessary for fighting gender oppression? Or, does the incorporation of traditional African beliefs facilitate this project? With these questions in mind, Davis's study will establish a theoretical framework for understanding the various ways in which contemporary African feminist thought manifests itself. Comparisons and contrasts will be drawn between Francophone and Anglophone feminist traditions in Western Africa.