Andrej Patoski

Wolf Humanities Center Undergraduate Fellow

20192020 Forum on Kinship

Andrej Patoski

Biology; Economics 

CAS, 2020

Andrej is a senior from Macedonia studying Computational Biology and Economics. His primary interest lies in the application of statistical and scientific tools in the humanities and social sciences. He has conducted previous research on lactose tolerance in indigenous Cameroonian tribes, as well as performing analyses that helped improve sustainability practices at the University of Pennsylvania's hospital system. Growing up in a small country, Andrej realized the importance of global affairs and developed a strong interest in that area as well. He is very passionate about sustainable development through his activities aims to raise awareness about social and environmental issues. In his free time you can find him outdoors, or amongst his friends.

Changes in kin and social network structure due to low fertility and emigration: Case study of South-Eastern Europe

The period of social system transitions in the late 20th century Southeastern Europe included significant demographic changes, most notably a sharp drop in fertility rates, and mass emigration. The complex and interdependent relationship between demographic trends and kin networks is well documented. Furthermore, there are multiple hypotheses on the effect of kin-based institutions on the social psychology and societal structure. Using data from national census bureaus and the ISSP Social Networks Survey, I will develop models to simulate the effects of emigration and the decrease in fertility on the kin and social network structures in Southeastern European countries. Studying the changes in kin and network structures will allow us to better understand future demographic trends as well as potential changes in group psychology.