Wild Honey

March 13, 2022 (Sunday) / 2:00 pm

Live Virtual Event

Wild Honey

Caring for Bees in a Divided Land

Dir. Lisa Palmer, 2019, 30 min.

For more than a century, the island of Timor has been divided by a colonial border, displacing and separating the indigenous people of Lookeu while also bisecting their land, water, and history. Timor's migratory wild honeybees defy this man-made division and their migrations are essential to the agricultural and spiritual well-being of the people who depend upon them. Wild Honey: Caring for Bees in a Divided Land spotlights a border community’s efforts to maintain the bees' movement across the region and preserve shared indigenous identity. 

Film to be followed by discussion with Filmmaker Lisa Palmer.

Presented by Penn Museum and cosponsored by Penn's CAMRA; Center for Experimental Ethnography; Cinema and Media Studies; and Wolf Humanities Center.