Visual Dialogues

February 16, 2006 (Thursday)February 17, 2006 (Friday)

3619 Locust Walk, Philadelphia

Visual Dialogues

Sixth Annual Graduate Humanities Forum Conference

Thursday, February 16

1:30p: Registration

2:00p: Welcome

Session 1: Rethinking the Giants
Session 2: The Buying Game

Session 3: Reading Buildings/Building Readings
Session 4: Words and Images in Motion: Liturgy, Devotion, Dance

5:30p (Meyerson Hall Gallery, 3420 S. 34th Street)
Art Exhibition and Reception

Friday, February 17

Session 5: Visualizing Literature
Session 6: Supplementary Icons/Complementary Words

Session 7: Constructing Communities
Session 8: Alternate Literacies

Session 9: Voices in the Book: Visualizing Music, Speech, and Meter
Session 10: Media and Mediation

Session 11: Pictures of You: Photo, Text, Modernity
Session 12: Art and Ideas of the U.S.

5:30-7:00p (Rosenwald Gallery, Van Pelt Library, Reception follows)
Keynote Address
Jeff Wall, Wittgenstein, and the Everyday
Michael Fried, James R. Herbert Boone Chair in the Humanities; Director, Humanities Center, and Professor, History of Art; Johns Hopkins University