Uprooting Medea Presentation

March 24, 2022 (Thursday) / 4:45 pm6:15 pm

402 Cohen Hall, 249 South 36th Street + Online

Uprooting Medea Presentation

Khameleon Productions

Shivaike Shah

Founder and Producer, Khameleon Productions

Presented by Penn's Department of Classical Studies

The Uprooting Medea presentation will introduce Khamelon Productions' Medea project, and discuss the development and adaptation of their work since its original conception in Oxford. Khameleon's Medea questions the pertinent topics of race, belonging, and identity through centering these themes which are already prevalent in Euripides’s original. The presentation will explore their creative practice of elevating global-majority artists through multimedia forms including theatre, film, music, and poetry and provide insight into Khameleon Productions' upcoming short film project (to be released later in 2022), and full-staged work.

Cosponsored by Penn's Center for Experimental Ethnography, Cinema and Media Studies Program, Department of English, Sachs Center for Arts Innovation, and Wolf Humanities Center.

Khameleon Productions was founded in 2020, based on a production company built at Oxford University. Drawing on theatre, music, and film, the company develops innovative and interdisciplinary productions that celebrate the creative power of diverse voices.