Travel Conference

March 29, 2007 (Thursday)March 30, 2007 (Friday)

3619 Locust Walk, Philadelphia

Travel Conference

Undergraduate Humanities Forum Research Fellows Conference

March 29, 2007
17 Logan Hall

5:00p | Conference Keynote Address
Robert Irwin, Sinbad the Traveling Salesman: His Ancestry and Progeny
Historian and Broadcaster

March 30, 2007
3619 Locust Walk

9:00–9:10a | Welcome
Catriona MacLeod, Director, UHF and Associate Professor of German

9:15–10:30a | Poetic Travel
Chair: David Buchta, PhD Candidate, South Asia Studies

Sharon Cantor, College ‘08, English, Comparative Literature
Treading the Abyss: The Distressing Journey in Kierkegaardian Faith

Sheira Feuerstein, College ‘08, English, Theater Arts
Me Mout’ Haf Fe Sympat’ise Wid Somewhe: Dialect-Poetry of Ambivolence in the Postcolonial Caribbean Context

Andrew Meyer, College ‘07, Philosophy, Religious Studies
“The Journey Itself Home”: Wandering Poets of Japan

10:30–10:45a | Break

10:45-12:00p | Modernisms
Chair: Michael Wiedorn, PhD Candidate, Comparative Literature

Giselle Aris, College ‘07, African Studies, Diplomatic History
The Power and Politics of Dress in Africa

Gerard Leone, College ‘07, Art History, Philosophy
The Suburban Jeremiads: Critical Dialogues on American Suburbia

Ellen Mossman, College ‘07, History, Economics
Charming Charleston: Elite Construction of an Idealized History in Twentieth Century Tourism

12:00–12:30p | Lunch

12:30–1:45p | Tourism
Chair: Lance Wahlert, PhD Candidate, English

Michael Ellis, College ‘07, Linguistics
Di Hu, College ‘07, Political Science, Anthropology
Wonderlands: Through the Traveling Lens

Sabina Pendse, College ‘07, Environmental Studies, Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Traveling to Save Farms: A Look at Agritourism

Leonard Tso, College ‘09, Philosophy, Politics and Economics
National Variations of a Socialist Bloc Symbol: Foreigners-Only Facilities in Four Cold War Era Communist Capitals

1:45–1:50p | Break

1:50–2:45p | Explorations
Chair: Neil Safier, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Penn Humanities Forum

Megan Curtiss, College ‘07, Arts and Society in the Middle Ages
West into East and East into West: Maps, Merchants, and the Mediterranean World of the High Middle Ages

Andrea Felber Seligman, College ‘07, African Studies, World History
Traveling African Ambassadors and Encountered Hospitality: A Dimension of African-European Diplomatic Relations in the 15th–17th Centuries

2:45–3:00p | Break

3:00–4:15p | Immigration
Chair: Jeehyun Lim, PhD Candidate, English

Rachel Han, College ‘08, Economics, Health and Societies
The Backlash of Immigration on Health: A Study of the Malay and the Chinese in USA

Kojo Minta, College ‘09, History, Classical Studies, Religious Studies
The Reverse Diaspora: African Immigrants and the Return Home

Cheryl Yang, College ‘08, Biology, Economics
Doctors’ Flight, Patients’ Plight: The Catch 22 of Health Care in Developing Countries

4:15–4:20p | Break

4:20–5:35p | Religion
Chair: Susan Shifrin, PHF Mellon Research Fellow and Assistant Professor, Ursinus College

Sarah Breger, College ‘07, Jewish History, English
Sentenced to Marriage: “Chained Women” in Wartime

Sara Gorman, College ‘07, English, Psychology
“Sche knelyd upon hir kneys, hir boke in hir hand”: Manuscript Travel, Devotional Pedagogy, and the Textual Communities of The Book of Margery Kempe

Justin Tackett, College ‘07, English, Philosophy
“What Matter Where?”: Epic Geography and the Defense of Hell in Milton’s Paradise Lost