February 22, 2007 (Thursday) / 9:00 amFebruary 23, 2007 (Friday) / 7:00 pm

3619 Locust Walk, Philadelphia


Seventh Annual Graduate Humanities Forum Conference


GHF Advisory Board, 2006-2007
Joseph Benatov, Comparative Literature (GHF Chair)
Christopher Hunter, Comparative Literature
Shayna McConville, Fine Arts
Tracy Musacchio, Near Eastern Language and Civilizations

 Thursday, February 22 2007

9:00–9:45 | Registration and Breakfast

9:45 | Welcome (Moose Room)
Simon Richter, Professor of German, UPenn and Faculty Advisor, GHF

10:00–11:15 | Session 1 (Moose Room)
Contemporary Geographies of the Self and the Other

Respondent: Wendy Steiner, Richard L. Fisher Professor of English and Founding Director, PHF

Yu-lin Liao, National Chiao-Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
Passing through the Past in the Formation of the Self in Kazuo Ishiguro’s When We Were Orphans

Shawna Ross, Pennsylvania State University
What the English Lakes Put Together, the Marabar Caves Tear Asunder: Revisionary Geography in Forster’s A Passage to India

John Hyland, Brandeis University
Troubling Movements: Memory, Migration, and Identity in V.S. Naipaul’s Half A Life and M.G. Vassanji’s The Gunny Sack

10:00–11:15 | Session 2 (Seminar Room)
The Local and the Global in Traveling Ideas and Practices

Respondent: Karen Detlefsen, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Penn and Topic Director 2006-07, PHF

James De Lorenzi, University of Pennsylvania
Global Narratives on the Periphery: Listening for History in an Amharic Histoire Universelle, 1917-1924

Kélina Gotman, Columbia University
Migration of the Idea of St. Vitus’ Dance in Medical Practic and Missionary Work in the 19th Century: Local and Global Dissemination of an “Epidemic” “Nervous” Condition

Michael Linderman, University of Pennsylvania
Prince’s Patronage, Pauper’s Praise: Raja Serfoji II’s Royal Pilgrim Rest Houses and the Re-constitution of Kingship under British Hegemony in 19th-century South India

11:15–11:30 | Break

11:30–12:45 | Session 3 (Moose Room)
War, Espionage, New Routes
Respondent: Ann Gardiner, PHF Mellon Research Fellow and Assistant Professor, Philadelphia University

Tamar Abramov, Harvard University
Espionage between Literature and Biography: The Journeys of Anthony Blunt

Pu Wang, New York University
“The Map Is Moving”: Three Modernist Travel Routes during the Second Sino-Japanese War

Victor Seow, University of Pennsylvania
Factoring in the French: British Imperial Agents in the Second Opium War

11:30–12:45 | Session 4 (Seminar Room)
Voyagers and Seafarers
Respondent: Catriona MacLeod, Associate Professor of German, Penn and Faculty Advisor, UHF

Anna Seidel, Humboldt University, Germany
Neptune’s Travel: Bernini’s First Fountain Sculpture on Its Way from Rome to London

Tarek Kahlaoui, University of Pennsylvania
Islamic Visualization of Mediterranean Traveling

12:45–1:45 | Lunch Break

1:45–3:00 | Session 5 (Moose Room)
Where is Home?
Respondent: Keally McBride, PHF Mellon Research Fellow and Senior Fellow, Political Science, Penn

Anke von Geldern, Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
Discovering “Heimat”– Literary Accounts of German Travelers in Germany

Jennifer Kyker, University of Pennsylvania
To Climb a Mountain is to Circle Around: Proverbs, Travel, and the Music of Oliver Mtukudzi

Taisuke Edamura, McGill University, Canada
Fabric and Home: The Materiality of Home in the Works of Suh Do-Ho

1:45–3:00 | Session 6 (Seminar Room)
Travel Narratives: Negotiating Tradition and Identity in the American Southwest
Respondent: Phoebe S. Kropp, PHF Mellon Research Fellow and Assistant Professor of History, Penn

Jennifer Fang, University of Delaware
Between Myth and Reality: Tourism and Identity in the American Southwest

Veronica Ory, University of Delaware
Once Upon a Time in the West: Stories as History in the American Southwest

Lara Pascali, University of Delaware
From the Bosque Redondo to Glen Canyon Dam: Contested Landscapes and Negotiated Identities in the Southwest

Janneken Smucker, University of Delaware
Crafting Traditions: The Production and Consumption of Southwestern Identities

3:00–3:15 | Break

3:15–4:30 | Session 7 (Moose Room)
American Expeditions and Visions
Respondent: Edlie Wong, Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, PHF and Assistant Professor of English, Rutgers University

Matthew Schauer, University of Pennsylvania
A Beautiful Savage Picture: Imperialism, Adventure, and Anthropology in the 1896 Hiller-Furness Expedition to Borneo

Daniel Claro, University of Delaware
Meriwether Lewis’ Shopping Trip and the Pre-Industrial Body in Motion

Nancy E. Packer, University of Delaware
Cultivated and Composed: American Visions of Britain in the Early Republic

3:15–4:30 | Session 8: Women Writers on Travel and Identity (Seminar Room)
Respondent: Simon Richter, Professor of German, Penn and Faculty Advisor, GHF

David A. Beckman, Princeton University
Out of Range or Close Enough: Annie Proulx’s Post-Tourist Regionalism of the New West

Suzanne C. Costanzo, Duquesne University
“Common Sense and Good Nature”: The Performance of Femininity, American National Identity, and Text in Elizabeth Bisland’s “The Art of Travel”

Ekaterina R. Alexandrova, University of Pennsylvania
“I’d Like a Hundred Times Better to Live Here, and Still Better at Berne Than in London”: Plotting the Self in Isabelle de Charrière’s Lettres écrite de Lausanne

5:00 | Keynote Address (Rainey Auditorium, Penn Museum, 3260 South Street)
Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, New York University
Old Histories, New Itineraries: Museum of the History of Polish Jews


Friday, February 23 2007

9:30–10:00 | Breakfast

10:00–11:15 | Session 9 (Moose Room)
Music and Musicians in Motion
Respondent: Timothy Rommen, PHF Mellon Research Fellow and Assistant Professor of Music, Penn

Carson Phillips, York University, Canada
From Vienna to Theresienstadt: The Nationalism of Leopold Strauss

Darien Lamen, University of Pennsylvania
Capturing Brazil: Fred Figner and the Politics of Early Phonograph Recording in South America

Jennifer Ryan, University of Pennsylvania
“Beale Street Blues”? Reconsidering Musical Tourism in Memphis,Tennessee

10:00–11:15 | Session 10 (Seminar Room)
Folklore on the Road
Respondent: Susan Lepselter, Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, PHF

John Paul Meyers, University of Pennsylvania
Autobiography as Ethnography in Bob Dylan’s Chronicles

Kristiana Willsey, Indiana University
“How They Broke Away to go to the Rootabaga Country” (And Kept Breaking Away When They Got There): American Identity In Motion in Rootabaga Stories

Selina Morales, Indiana University
The Evil Eye: Borrowing Culture To Save Your Life

11:15–11:30 | Break

11:30–12:45 | Session 11 (Moose Room)
The Near East from Antiquity to Modernity
Respondent: Jamal J. Elias, Professor of Religious Studies, Penn

Stephen Kim, University of Pennsylvania
Traveling Gods in Ancient Syria-Palestine

Robert J. Riggs, University of Pennsylvania
Travelling Ayatollahs: The Transnational Character of Arab Shi‘i Clerics

Ailin Qian, University of Pennsylvania
Who Travels in the Maqāmāt of al-Hamadhānī?

11:30–12:45 | Session 12 (Seminar Room)
Walking Through Cities
Respondent: Kinga Araya, Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, PHF

Hoa T. Nguyen, University of Minnesota
Mobility, Migration and the Indochinese Other: A Reading of Monique Truong’s The Book of Salt

Anne Flannery, Johns Hopkins University
Gehen and Lesen in Arthur Schnitzler’s Leutnant Gustl

Andrew Hui, Princeton University
Walking in Rome: The Textual City in Petrarch’s Africa

12:45–1:45 | Lunch Break

1:45–3:00 | Session 13 (Moose Room)
Moving Art in Italy and the U.S.
Respondent: Christine Poggi, Associate Professor, Department of the History of Art, Penn

Emily Modrall, University of Pennsylvania
Destruction Re-formed or Reformed? Alberto Burri’s Gibellina Cretto

Susanne Hagan Coffey, University of North Texas
Museum Effects: Italia Nostra in Venice

Ellery Foutch, University of Pennsylvania
The Gas Station in the American Imagination: A Cultural Icon

1:45–3:00 | Session 14 (Seminar Room)
Tourism and its Effect on Space
Respondent: Neil Safier, Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, PHF

Ryan Chaney, Columbia University
Appalachian Routes: Music, Landscape, and Heritage Tourism in Southwestern Virginia

Hannah Voorhees, University of Pennsylvania
Cultural Tourism, Symbolic Competition, and the Branding of National Spaces

Leif Weatherby, Wesleyan University
A Chase through Paris, Travel to the Limit (and Back): “Pierre Angélique’s” Theoretical Tour

3:00–3:15 | Break

3:15–4:30 | Session 15 (Moose Room)
Sixteenth Century Travels
Respondent: John Ghazvinian, Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, PHF

Ameer Sohrawardy, Rutgers University
The Possibilities of Maritime Law in The Merchant of Venice

David Buchta, University of Pennsylvania
Poetics, Theology and Sacred Space: Some Implications of Rüpa Gosvämé’s Matta-mayüra

Catherine M. Styer, University of Pennsylvania
“Let Fame Speak for You”: Travel, Rumor, and Report in Thomas Heywood’s The Fair Maid of the West, Parts 1 and 2

3:15–4:30 | Session 16 (Seminar Room)
Revisiting the Holy Land
Respondent: Thomas Weber, Dean’s Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, Penn

Sophia Stamatopoulou-Robbins, Columbia University
“Responsible Tourism” cum Travel Activism: The Case of Transnational Solidarity Movement(s) with Palestinian Resistance

Vida Bajc, University of Pennsylvania
In the Footsteps of Jesus: Framing Pilgrim Experiences in Place and Time

Lucas Wood, University of Pennsylvania
The Pilgrim Eye: Visualizing Sacred Space in Medieval Jerusalem

5:00–7:00 | Art Reception (Fox Gallery, Logan Hall, 249 South 36th Street)
Points of Departure: Inner and Outer Journeys in Contemporary Art