Thinking With Style

April 21, 2001 (Saturday) / 8:15 am5:30 pm

Thinking With Style

First Annual Graduate Humanities Forum Conference

8:45-9:15a | Registration and Coffee

Eugene Narmour, Acting Director, Penn Humanities Forum, Music

Opening Remarks
James Hargrove, History of Art

Session 1
Style in Place
Moderator: Anne Pushkal, History

Brian Gregory, Folklore
Interrogating Modernists' "Style": Fallingwater in the Vernacular Landscape

Natasha Ruiz-Gomez, History of Art
The Orientalist Style of Jean Nouvel's Institut du Monde Arabe

Anna Sloan, History of Art
Style and Religious Identity: Semiotics and Slippage in Indo-Islamic Art

Talking Points
Discussant: James Hargrove

11:00-11:15a | Coffee Break

Session 2
Choosing Your Words Carefully
Moderator: Stephanie Harzewski, English

Katie Paugh, History
On Placentas and Patriarchal Authority: Childbirth in "Tristram Shandy" and the Work of Dr. William Shippen, Jr.

Anya Plutynski, Philosophy
Models and Analogies in Evolutionary Theory

Karl Parker, English
Intersections and Productive Interferences Between Visual Art and Writing

Talking Points
Discussant: Mary Beth Wetli

12:30p | Lunch (on your own)

Session 3
Defining Aesthetics
Moderator: Sam DiIorio, Romance Languages

Walker Trimble, South Asia Regional Studies
Analogy in Hindu and Early Christian Aesthetics

Allison Stedman, Romance Languages
From "La Guerre de Prefaces" to "La Querelle du Cid": Style and Ideology in Early Seventeenth-Century

Ana Matous, Philosophy
Kant's Analytic of the Beautiful, Sec. IX"

Talking Points
Discussant: Steve Hauss

Session 4
Spectacular Styles
Moderator: Lucy Shanno, Music

Scott Mann, Philosophy
Spectacle: Pro and Con"

Juliet Bellow, History of Art
Modernist Avant Garde and the Ballet Russe

Laura Spagnoli, Romance Languages
Poisonous Fashion: Representing Morphine in fin-de-siècle Paris

Talking Points
Discussant: Jennifer Dobe

4:00-4:15p | Coffee Break

Session 5
Whither the Humanities? The History and Current State of Interdisciplinary Research
Rebecca Bushnell, Professor of English, Associate Dean for Arts and Letters, School of Arts and Sciences
Joseph Farrell, Jr., Professor of Classical Studies, Associate Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Sheldon Hackney, Professor of History, Former Director, National Endowment for the Humanities, and President Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania
Gary Hatfield, Seybert Professor of Philosophy
Renata Holod, Professor and Chair of History of Art
Eugene Narmour, Kahn Distinguished Professor of Music and Acting Director, Penn Humanities Forum

5:30p | Aperitifs