Racial Justice

May 17, 2024 (Friday)May 18, 2024 (Saturday)

Live Virtual Event

Racial Justice

MAP-Penn Conference

The University of Pennsylvania chapter of Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) is pleased to announce their eighth annual conference: MAP-Penn Conference on Racial Justice. 

Friday, May 17th

10:00am - "Understanding the Politics of Color"
Shalom Chalson and Jiwon Kim

11:00am - Keynote
Jacoby Carter

12:30pm - Break

1:00pm - "Testimonial Spaces and Epistemic Reparations"
Josué Piñeiro

2:00pm - "The Racial Triangulation of Asian Americans as a Basis for Afro-Asian Solidarity: A Civic Republican Defense "
Alexander Pho

Saturday, May 18th

10:00am - "The Benefits of Lordean Rage for Democracy"
Andrea Cuniolo

11:00am - Keynote
Laura Valentini

12:30pm - Break

1:00pm - "Reparations and the Structural Challenge"
Jennifer M. Page

MAP-Penn aims to address issues of minority participation in philosophy. Our main activity is organizing conferences where philosophers who are minorities or who work on issues relevant to minorities can share their expertise and form networks. In addition to conferences, MAP-Penn has organized visiting speaker series, reading groups, undergraduate information sessions, and other events to help members of Penn's philosophy department connect with others as professionals and community members.