The Price of Memory

February 23, 2015 (Monday) / 5:00 pm

Fisher-Bennett Hall 401

The Price of Memory

Film Screening

(Karen Marks Madundikwa, 2014, 83 min.)

It's 2002 and Queen Elizabeth II visits Jamaica for her Golden Jubilee Celebrations. While there, she is petitioned by a small group of Rastafari for slavery reparations. For Rastafari, reparations is linked to a desire to return to Africa, the homeland of their African ancestors who were enslaved in Jamaica during British colonial rule. This film explores the impact of slavery on independent Jamaica, following the filmmaker on a journey during which the question of reparations reaches Parliament in both Jamaica and the UK. Filmed over a decade, The Price of Memory is a compelling exploration of the enduring legacies of slavery and the case for reparations.

Sponsored by Penn Cinema Studies, The Center for Africana Studies, and Penn Humanities Forum.