Philosophy of Disability and Illness

April 8, 2022 (Friday)April 10, 2022 (Sunday)

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Philosophy of Disability and Illness

MAP-Penn Conference

Presented by the Department of Philosophy

The 6th annual Minorities and Philosophy (MAP-Penn) conference is focused on aspects of the philosophy of disability and illness. This includes, but is not limited to, notions of disability and/or illness-related conceptual and normative issues in philosophy of law, in medical ethics, in bioethics, in general ethics, in the history of philosophy, in social and political philosophy, in social epistemology, in one’s personal experiences as a philosopher, and in philosophy teaching practices.

Keynote Speakers

Havi Carel studies the experience of illness, using phenomenology, a philosophical approach that studies how we encounter the world and other people. She is particularly interested in wellbeing and how health interacts with it.

Jasmine E. Harris is a law and inequality legal scholar with expertise in disability law, antidiscrimination law, and evidence. Her work seeks to address the relationship between law and equality with a focus on law’s capacity to advance social norms of inclusion in the context of disability.

Joseph Stramondo's teaching and research focus on how social and political forces shape the institutions and practices of bio-medicine in morally significant ways. He studies how various systems of oppression – especially those pertaining to disability – have influenced bioethical thought, education, policy, and practice.