Look Alive

September 15, 2011 (Thursday) / 7:30 pmSeptember 17, 2011 (Saturday) / 7:30 pm

Bruce Montgomery Theatre, Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts

Look Alive

Penn Theatre Arts

Classic tales from Ovid, Brothers Grimm, and Hans Christian Anderson have been adapted to the contemporary stage in this vibrant production by Penn Theatre Arts. Reality and fantasy collide and comingle as Wii players fall in love with their avatars, a sculptor falls in love with his statue, and a puppeteer's marionettes suddenly spring to life. Don't miss this all-student production, fresh from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

For nearly thirty years, the Theatre Arts Program at Penn has staged plays and performance pieces from many places, periods, and genres. The program’s educational philosophy integrates serious study in the classroom with applied work in the rehearsal room and on stage to prepare students for careers in all aspects of theatre production.