Kant and German Idealism

October 4, 2019 (Friday) / 2:00 pmOctober 5, 2019 (Saturday) / 4:30 pm

Cohen Hall 402, 249 S. 36th Street

Kant and German Idealism

Conference in Honor of Rolf-Peter Horstmann

Presented by Penn’s Department of Philosophy

Scholars present papers on Kant and German Idealism in honor of Horstmann’s many contributions in the history of philosophy.

With support from the Wolf Humanities Center and the Greater Philadelphia Philosophy Consortium.


Friday, October 4

2:00: Opening remarks: Gary Hatfield (Penn)**

2:10: Nabeel Hamid (Concordia): “Kant on Physicotheology”**

3:20: Rolf Horstmann (Penn): “Hegel’s Idealism”

4:45: Coffee

5:10: Dina Emundts (Free Univ., Berlin): “Kant and Hegel on Time”

6:20: Reception

 **opening remarks and first talk in Philosophy Library, 4th floor, Cohen


Saturday, October 5

9:30:  Coffee and Donuts

10:00: Des Hogan (Princeton): “Absolute Space and the A Priori”

11:10: Reed Winegar (Fordham): “Kant’s Three Conceptions of Infinite Space”

12:25: Lunch (provided for speakers)

2:00:  Wiebke Deimling (Clark University): “Emotions and Value in Kant’s Anthropology”

3:15:  Paul Guyer (Brown): “Necessity, Contingency, and Idealism”

4:25:  Closing remarks