Collecting the Unconscious: Reflections on Sleep & Dreams

March 5, 2005 (Saturday) / 8:30 am8:00 pm

3619 Locust Walk, Philadelphia

Collecting the Unconscious: Reflections on Sleep & Dreams

Fifth Annual Graduate Humanities Forum Conference


9:00–10:30 am (Moose Room, PHF)

American Dreams: Three Different Approaches to Early American Literature

Mike Laver (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies), chair

Alan Filreis (English), faculty respondent

• Joseph Benatov (University of Pennsylvania): “Melville’s Overcoat, Gogol’s Bartleby

• Joshua A. Dubler (Princeton University): “Arise the Demon Within: The Discovery of Sleep Paralysis Amidst the Dawning of Psychoanalysis”

• Melissa Ganz (Yale University): “‘Prophetic Sleep and Wakeful Terror’: Sexuality, Violence, and Authority in Wieland"


9:00–10:30 am (Seminar Room, PHF)

Dreams: Pleasure and Distress

Crystal Hall (Italian), chair

Wendy Steiner (English), faculty respondent

• Dylan McGee (Princeton University): “Vision and Revision: Rewriting a Dream of Economic Success in Early Modern Japan”

• Jessica Rosenfeld (University of Pennsylvania): “Idleness and Dream-Work in Chaucer’s Book of the Duchess”

• Marc Zagelbaum (Clark University): “The Confused Mindset: Hitchcock’s Interplay of Illusive Distortions, Terror Formations and Psychological Transformations in Vertigo”


10:45 am–1:30 pm (Moose Room, PHF)

Poster Session

Nick Montfort (Computer and Information Science), Session coordinator

Poster Tours at 10:45 am & 12:15 pm

• “Modeling Performance Impairment due to Chronic Sleep Restriction”

Deepa Avinash, Darshil D. Amin, Ellinor F. Vacs, David F. Dinges, Hans P. A. Van Dongen (Division of Sleep and Chronobiology, Department of Psychiatry, and Center for Sleep and Respiratory Neurobiology, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine)

• “Individual Differences in Sleep and Sleep States”

Maurice D. Baynard, David F. Dinges, Hans P. A. Van Dongen (Division of Sleep and Chronobiology, Department of Psychiatry, and Center for Sleep and Respiratory Neurobiology, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine)

• “Mood in Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Pre and Post CPAP Treatment”

J. L. Reishtein, A. I. Pack, G. Maislin, D. F. Dinges, T. E. Weaver, and the Multisite Study Group (University of Pennsylvania)

• “Changes in mood across 5 nights of experimental sleep restriction”

Jared D. Minkel, Siobhan Banks, Eleanor L. McGlinchey, David F. Dinges (Department of Psychiatry, Division of Sleep and Chronobiology, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine)

• “Sleep, an Active State of Inactivity: Lessons from, and Future Directions in, Cognitive Neuroscience”

Jeffrey M. Ellenbogen1, Justin C. Hulbert2, Sharon L. Thompson-Schill3, David F. Dinges4 (University of Pennsylvania: 1 Department of Neurology, 2 School of Arts and Sciences, 3 Department of Psychology, 4 Department of Psychiatry)


10:45 am–12:15 pm (Seminar Room, PHF)

Dreams: Materiality and Imagination

Stephanie Harzewski (English), chair

Peter Struck (Classical Studies), faculty respondent

• Karen Tani (University of Pennsylvania): ““Harlem on My Mind’ and the Dreams of a ‘Limousine Liberal’”

• Anne De Long (Lehigh University): “Opium Dreams: Romantic Poetry and Spontaneous Creativity”

• Cyrus Mulready (University of Pennsylvania): “‘Such stuff as dreams are made on’? The Tempest as Romance”


1:30–3:00 pm (Moose Room, PHF)

Dream Visions: Representations of Dream Consciousness across Disciplines

Ellen Welch (Comparative Literature), chair

Julie Nelson Davis (Art History), faculty respondent

• Lisa Lettau (University of Delaware): “Once upon a Vision: Julian of Norwich’s Revelations of Divine Love”

• Ching-Jen Wang (University of Pennsylvania): “Magical Realism and Unconsciousness in Modern Arabic Fiction Writing”

• Ileana Florentina Popa (Virginia Commonwealth University): “Magic Realism and Transitions of Consciousness in Toni Morrison’s Paradise”


1:30–3:00 pm (Seminar Room, PHF)

Reflections on the Surreal and the Real

Greg Downs (History), chair

• Kelly Josephs (Rutgers University): “‘I does see things’: Fantasy, Insanity and Reality in Dream on Monkey Mountain”

• Nick Moudry (Temple University): “‘This Summer the Roses Are Blue’: George Kalamaras and the Neo-Surrealist Potential”


3:15–4:45 pm (Moose Room, PHF)

Making Dreams Matter: Divination, Behavioral Science, and Ethnography

Jason Rheins (Philosophy), chair

Hans P. A. Van Dongen (Psychiatry), faculty respondent

• Joanna R. Mucera (University of Pennsylvania): “Is Absence of REM Sleep a Marker for Alzheimer’s Disease?”

• Erin O’Connor (New School for Social Research): “At the Glory Hole: The Role of Reverie in the Development of Practical Knowledge in Glassblowing”

• Kelly Tuttle (University of Pennsylvania): “Dreams or Traditions: Early Arabic Interpreters and Ahadith in Surat Yusuf”


3:15–4:45 pm (Seminar Room, PHF)

Dreaming and Reality: The 'Nature' of Dreams

Vance Byrd (German), chair

Sean Keilen (English), faculty respondent

• Robert Rider (Drexel University): “Investigating Dream Physiology Using Lucid Dreamers”

• Timothy Zajac (University of Virginia): “Explorations in Dream Authenticity in Shakespeare’s Early Comedies and Tragedies”

• Matt Fullerty (The George Washington University): “When Theory and Fiction Meet: ‘Cascading Time’ and Einstein’s Dreams”


5:00 pm (Van Pelt Library, 6th floor: Rosenwald Gallery)


Penn Recorder Ensemble: “Draw on, Sweet Night”

Performing music by Wilbye, Dowland, Gabrieli, Johnson, Purcell, and Byrd


5:30 pm (Van Pelt Library, 6th floor: Rosenwald Gallery)

Keynote Address

Christine Stansell (Princeton University)

“Dream of / Dream from the Nineteenth Century”

Introductory remarks by Wendy Steiner (Director, Penn Humanities Forum)

Response by Stephanie McCurry (Professor of History, University of Pennsylvania)


6:30 pm (Van Pelt Library, 6th floor: Furness Shakespeare Library)


John Andrew Bailey, harpsichord