Bound, Unbound: Textuality Within and Beyond the Book

April 4, 2003 (Friday) / 4:30 pmApril 5, 2003 (Saturday) / 7:00 pm

3619 Locust Street, Philadelphia

Bound, Unbound: Textuality Within and Beyond the Book

Third Annual Graduate Humanities Forum Conference

Friday, April 4

Keynote Address
Vincent Pecora, "An Idea Like a Butterfly:" Virginia Woolf's Voyage Out and the Genealogy of Religion
Director, Humanities Consortium, UCLA

Saturday, April 5

Welcome and coffee, tea, and pastries

Session 1
Text, Image, and Orality in Chinese Traditions (Seminar Room)
Faculty Discussant: Denis Mari, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Student Moderator: Michael Laver, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Peng Mu, Folklore
Xuanjuan: A Transitional Genre Between Orality & Literacy

Eli Albert, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Textual Mandate on the Periphery of the Chinese State

Hsin-Mei Agnes Hsu, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Mimetic Functions of Pictorial Eulogies in Three Eastern Han Tombs

Session 2
Materiality and Ethe(o)reality (Moose Room)

Faculty Discussant: Roger Chartier, History
Student Moderator: Dierdra Reber, Romance Languages - Spanish

Erica Fruiterman, English
Some Thoughts on Book History

Acalya Kiyak, Architecture
Villard’s Sketchbook: The Transmission of Architectural Knowledge in the Middle Ages

Kyle Roberts, History
The Dairyman’s Daughter: The Material History of an Evangelical Text

10:20-10:30p | Coffee Break

Session 3
Historicity and the Evolution of Texts (Moose Room)
Faculty Discussant: Jennifer Snead, English
Student Moderator: Jonathan Hsy, English

Kevin Tracy, Classics
Stoic Emendations and the Concept of the Text.

David Hollenberg and Tarek Kahlaou, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
A Rare Nusayri Manuscript in Van Pelt’s Rare Book Room: A Preliminary Investigation

Claire Costley, English
Adultery, Murder, & the Writing of the Penitential Psalms

Session 4
Mapping America: Landscape, Image, and Knowledge
(Seminar Room)
Faculty Discussant: Nancy Bentley, English
Student Moderator: Kristina Morris Baumli, English

Brian Gregory, Folklore
“The Road to Akron”: Reading the Post-Industrial Landscape

Jeff Alred, English
From Eye to We: The Problem of Envisioning the Thirties Documentary Book

Nicole Furlonge, English
“Words that set, then miss, the mark”: Narrative Unknowing in Toni Morrison’s Jazz

12:00-1:00p | Lunch

Session 5

Cultural Encounters: Translating the Other (Seminar Room)
Faculty Discussant: Barbara Fuchs, Romance Languages
Student Moderator: Eli Albert, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Dierdra Reber, Romance Languages
From Knight to Critical Reader, via the Other: The Literary Makeover of Empire in Don Juan Manuel's El conde Lucanor

Jia Si, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
The Early English-Chinese Dictionaries & the Sino-Western Cultural Communications in the 19th Century

Michael Linderman, South Asia Regional Studies
Printing Pure Knowledge: Missionaries & Books in 18th Century India

Session 6
Undressing the Text (Moose Room)
Faculty Discussant: Vincent Pecora, Director, Humanities Consortium, UCLA
Student Moderator: Ellen Welch, Comparative Literature

Michael Wiedorn, Comparative Literature
The Novelist as Theoretician: Responding to David Harvey’s Reading of Raymond William’s “Loyalties”

Adam Graves, Relgious Studies
The Hermeneutics of Self: Textuality and the Social Sciences

Nancy Srebro, English
Masters and Subjects or Mastering the Subjects: Reading and “Oxen of the Sun”

Session 7

See and the Text (Seminar Room)
Faculty Discussant: Wendy Steiner, English
Student Moderator: Anika Kiehne, German

Stephanie Harzewski, English
"Chick Lit" and Concurrent Media Phenomenon

Natasha Ruiz-Gomez, Art History
Pablo Takes a Bite of the Apple: Reading Picasso’s Early Still Lifes

Liliana Milkova, Art History
Bronzino’s "Cosimo I as Orpheus": Metamorphosis of a Ruler

Session 8
Intertextual Reflections (Moose Room)
Faculty Discussant: Peter Stallybras, English
Student Moderator: Jared Richman, English

Jonathan Hsy, English
Intertextuality and the Genre: Reading Marginalia in Shakespeare’s First Folio

Kristin Williams, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Ninjobon as Representations of Performance

Timothy Carmody, Comparative Literature
The Mirror: Intertextuality and Method

3:45-4:00p | Coffee Break

Session 9
Performing the Extraordinary (Moose Room)
Faculty Discussant: Emma Dillon, Music
Student Moderator: Pamela Geller, Anthropology

Richard Mook, Music
“It’s a Healthy Kind of Thing”: (Con)Textualizing Barbershop Performance

Tim Ribchester, Music
Transcribing the Transcendent: Writing and Virtuousity in Tartini’s “Devil’s Trill” Sonata

Meredith Malone, Art History
Noveau Réalisme: Performance and the Textual Prop

Session 10
Reading the Nation (Seminar Room)
Faculty Discussant: Carol Muller, Music
Student Moderator: Eli Albert, Asian and Middle Easter Studies

Patrick Spero, History
The Politicization of Popular Publications During the American War for Independence

Freyda Spira, Art History
The Making of a Court in Wittenberg

Kristina Baumli, English
And the Word Was Made Flesh: Woodrow Wilson’s Frontier Thesis

Session 11
Alternate Writing Surfaces (Moose Room)
Faculty Discussant: Michael Solomon, Romance Languages
Student Moderator: Madera Gabriela Allen, Romance Languages

Seran Schug, Anthropology
Dancing the Self: Reading and Writing Bodies in Authentic Movements

Pamela L. Geller, Anthropology
Corporeality, Textuality, and the Maya

Josiah Davis, Classics
Textile and Codex in the Iliad

Session 12
Sharing the Pages: Text, Image, and Authorship (Seminar Room)
Roundtable Discussion

Dinner reception and informal discussion to follow conclusion of conference