In the Beginning: Exploring Origins in Contemporary Art

February 4, 2008 (Monday)February 29, 2008 (Friday)

Fox Art Gallery, Logan Hall, University of Pennsylvania

In the Beginning: Exploring Origins in Contemporary Art

Conceived as the visual counterpart to the year-long Penn Humanities Forum on Origins, the exhibition presents artwork by 46 artists from the US and abroad. The rich assortment of subject matters and artistic techniques clearly demonstrates the need to think of origins in the plural. Indeed, each of the participating artists has found a unique way of establishing a personal, idiosyncratic connection to the show’s overarching theme. The result is a striking sense of organic coherence, a resounding harmony between these multiple aesthetic voices.

Organized by Joseph Benatov. Juried and curated by Sharka Hyland, Martha Lucy, and Shayna McConville.

This exhibition is in association with the 2008 Graduate Humanities Forum conference on Origins.


Rachel Abrams (Brooklyn, NY)

Hongwei Li (Alfred, NY)

Noelle Allen (Chicago, IL)

Jeni LoDolce (Dundee, IL)

AWG (Columbia, MO)
Kieran McGonnell (Brooklyn, NY)

Kate Beck (Harpswell, ME)
Katherine McVety (Medford, MA)

Pamela Birmingham (Philadelphia, PA)
Patrick Millard (Savannah, GA)

Julia Blaukopf (Philadelphia, PA)
Ken Morgan (Coventry, CT)

Kendra Bulgrin (Lawrence, KS)
Michael Tyson Murphy (New York, NY)

Alexandra Copley (Columbus, OH)
Rod Northcutt (Rochester, NY)

Genevieve Coutroubis (Philadelphia, PA)
Peter Patchen (Brooklyn, NY)

David Edgar (Charlotte, NC)


Nathan Poglein (New Florence, PA)

Curtis Erlinger (Buffalo, NY)
Carol Radsprecher (Brooklyn, NY)

Pam Farrell (Flemington, NJ)
John Schmidt (Savannah, GA)

Tim Fitts (Philadelphia, PA)
Ted Somogyi (San Francisco, CA)

Rebecca Foster (Chicago, IL)
Aurora Streger (Woodstock, NY)

Tara Giannini (Brooklyn, NY)
Rachel Sussman (Brooklyn, NY)

Tanya Bell Gresh (New York, NY)
Wendy Tai (Philadelphia, PA)

Peter Heij (Amsterdam, Holland)
Jeramy Turner (Brooklyn, NY)

Lori Hepner (Pittsburgh, PA)
Scott Turri (Pittsburgh, PA)

Michael Itkoff (Newtown, PA)
Beth Uzwiak (Philadelphia, PA)

Seung Jae Kim (Chicago, IL)
Vivian Wolovitz (West Chester, PA)

Kim, Hee Soo (Brooklyn, NY)
Michael Wong (Minneapolis, MN)

Derek Larson (East Wallingford, VT)
Damian Yanessa (Alexandria, VA)

Bryan Lauch (Pittsburgh, PA)
Kira Yustak (Staten Island, NY)