February 17, 2012 (Friday) / 9:00 am4:45 pm

Nevil Classroom, Penn Museum, 3260 South Street


Conference is open to students, faculty, and invited guests from Penn and other universities. The 5:00 Keynote is open to the public.


9:00–9:20a | Coffee and Remarks

9:20-10:50  |  Session I
Moderator: Jason Zuzga, English, Penn

Jonathan Rey Lee, Comp Lit, UC, Riverside
Playing Media: Interactive Narrative in Lego Adaptations
Tara Mendola, Comp Lit, NYU
Tropophilia: Catachresis and Its Ab(uses) in Contemporary Literary-Critical Discourse

Mihaela Mihailova, Film, Slavic Languages and Literatures, Yale
From the Fairy Woods to the City Jungle: The Evolution of the Cartoon Pin-up Girl in Tex Avery’s Animated Shorts

11:00a–12:30p | Session II
Moderator: Courtney Rydel, English, Penn

Nicole McCleese, English, Michigan State
Contemporaneous Adaptations: Masochistic Time in Kathy Acker’s Empire of the Senseless
Katie Price, English, Penn
The Adaptations of Kenneth Goldsmith’s Fidget
Ben Tam, English, Cornell
From Memoirs to Case History: De-casing Daniel Paul Schreber

12:30-1:30p | Lunch

1:30–3:00p | Session III
Moderator: Avram Alpert, Comparative Literature, Penn

Shana Cooperstein, Art History, Temple
Scientific Manipulations of Astronomical Photography

Monica Hahn, Art History, Temple
The Adaptable Image: Performance, Manners and Agency in Joshua Reynolds’s Portrait of Omai
Shana Klein, Art, Art History, University of New Mexico
The Fruits of Empire: A Study of Foreign Food in Nineteenth-Century American Still-Life Painting

3:15–4:45p | Session IV
Moderator: Claudia Consolati, Romance Languages, Penn
Christa DiMarco, Art History, Temple
Living in Paris: Van Gogh’s Adaptation of Signifying Modernist Ideals

Steve Dolph, Romance Languages, Penn
Edges of the Zone: Sawako Nakayasu’s Mouth: Eats Color

Rachel Epstein, East Asian Languages & Civilizations, Penn
Japanese Poetry and the English Language

5:00–6:30 | Keynote
Rey Chow, Anne Firor Scott Professor of Literature, Duke University
Documentary Realism Between Cultures