2018 Quechua Alliance Annual Meeting

Saturday, 17 November 2018 - 10:00am6:00pm

Penn Campus

2018 Quechua Alliance Annual Meeting

This event aims to promote an exchange of ideas between Quechua speakers, community leaders, college students and professors who share an interest and passion for Quechua language and Andean culture. This is a space for young people to become dynamic leaders in the academic context where there is an increasing interest in Indigenous languages and cultures of the Americas.

The Quechua Alliance Meeting has the format of a one-day gathering with cultural activities, lectures, games, debates and dialogues. In 2018 we will be hosting the event on November 17th at the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia.

Since their first gathering in 2015 at the University of Pennsylvania they are working to build a strong network and community of Quechua language enthusiasts.

The 2018 edition of this gathering is organized by the Quechua Language Program at Penn and Penn’s Andean Representation group.

More information

Please register by October 21st.

College Students with valid ID: Free

General Public: 10 dollars

*Registration includes lunch and event materials.