Underwater cave in shades of blue, purple, and yellow

(Re)Constitutions of Choice

An asynchronous/synchronous event
Wolf Humanities Center's 2020-2021 Forum on Choice

What does it mean to make a choice?

Decision-making is rarely as simple as right or wrong, black or white, yes or no: it is a murky and complex process filled with human (and nonhuman) will, impulse, and error. This event brings together artists, activists, and scholars from across disciplinary boundaries to explore how choices are made, and why. Join us for three exciting panels that examine the social, philosophical, and creative contours of choice-making. 

The event in itself is choice-filled: talks and performances are available to be streamed two weeks before the live discussions, empowering the audience to choose when and in what order they engage with the material. Live, mediated 90-minute discussions, including audience Q+A, will take place online February 19 and 20.

Program organized by the Wolf Humanities Center's 2020-2021 Graduate Research Assistant, Alexis Rider; Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows, Keren He, Na Sil Heo, Elyan Hill, and Shayan Rajani; and Graduate Fellows, Ian Peebles and Tali Ziv.

Cosponsored by Penn’s Departments of Anthropology, East Asian Languages & Civilizations, History, and Philosophy; Center for Experimental Ethnography; Cinema & Media Studies Program; and James Joo-Jin Kim Program in Korean Studies.