ASL Interpretation Provided

ASL Interpretation Provided

2018–19 Forum on Stuff

In partnership with the American Sign Language Program in Penn's Department of Linguistics and the Deaf Hearing Communication Centre, the Wolf Humanities Center will provide ASL interpretation at many of the live events in our 2018-19 Forum on Stuff, and in their online counterparts. 

We look forward to expanding our dialogue and encourage you to share our programs with the Deaf community!



September 26, 5:00pm—6:30pm

Acts, Facts, and Artifacts: The Stuff of Black Culture

Kevin Young, Herman Beavers

October 10, 5:00pm—6:30pm

Design and the Stuff of Everyday Life

Ilse Crawford

October 17, 5:00pm—6:30pm

Segregation: The Stuff Social Media is Made Of

Wendy Hui Kyong Chun

Video Footage with ASL Interpretation

October 24, 5:00pm—6:30pm

Buried in Treasures: When Stuff Takes Over

Gail Steketee

Video Footage with ASL Interpretation

November 14, 5:00pm—6:30pm

Repatriating Tribal Objects in the Digital Age: 3D Replication at the Smithsonian

Eric Hollinger

November 28, 5:00pm—6:30pm

Re-Stuffing Theory, Re-Thinking Assemblage

Bill Brown

Video Footage with ASL Interpretation

January 23, 5:00pm—6:30pm

The Stuff of Buddhist Leisure: Amusement Parks and Socially Dis-Engaged Buddhism in Asia

Justin McDaniel

February 27, 5:00pm—6:30pm

Divine and Ghostly Things: Debating the Care of Religious Relics at the Madras Government Museum

Sanchita Balachandran

March 27, 5:00pm—6:30pm

A History of Space Debris

Stuart Grey

April 17, 5:00pm—6:30pm

Monuments and Memory

David Brownlee, Ken Lum