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  • Bill Moyers interviews Michelle Alexander, PHF's 2013 S.T. Distinguished Lecturer, in "Incarceration Nation"

    Listen in as Bill Moyers interviews Michelle Alexander who gave the Forum's 2013 Dr. S.T. Lee Distinguished Lecture, Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, as she explains the grassroots movement building across the country, where "enormous victories" are being achieved by the incarcerated. Those we've "written off and viewed as disposable are reclaiming their voice, standing up, speaking out, organizing even as they struggle to survive."

  • New Penn faculty workshop sees ghosts

    The Penn Ghost Project is a new interdisciplinary humanities workshop which the Penn Humanities Forum is cosponsoring this year. Justin McDaniel, professor and chair of Religious Studies at Penn and a 2010–2011 Mellon Faculty Fellow with the Forum, is the project's director.

  • The weavings of Penn senior and PHF Fellow Olivia Rutigliano

    The costume design of Shakespeare's heroines takes center stage in this article on the project that was the focus of Penn senior Olivia Rutigliano's PHF Mellon Fellowship last year and what else that experience has led her to pursue.

  • Wendy Steiner organizes Village Health Works music program in Burundi.

    Watch this extraordinary video of a Village Health Works music program and concert in the East African nation of Burundi, which was organized and produced by Wendy Steiner, founding director of the Penn Humanities Forum from 1999 – 2010.

  • Did Christian missionaries convert people, or provoke them?

    Listen in on this October 22, 2013 Radio Pacifica interview with Penn Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations Professor Heather Sharkey as she discusses her new book, Cultural Conversions: Unexpected Consequences of Christian Missionary Encounters in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. Did Christian missionaries convert people, or provoke them? Professor Sharkey is also faculty advisor to PHF's Undergraduate Humanities Forum in 2013–14.