ASL Interpretation Provided

ASL Interpretation Provided

2019-2020 Forum on Kinship

In partnership with the American Sign Language Program in Penn's Department of Linguistics and the Deaf Hearing Communication Centre, the Wolf Humanities Center will provide ASL interpretation at many of the live events in our 2019-20 Forum on Kinship, and in their online counterparts. 

We look forward to expanding our dialogue and encourage you to share our programs with the Deaf community! 




Event footage with ASL interpretation on our Vimeo page


September 25, 5:00pm—6:30pm

“Work Is Work”: Kinship, Race, and Violence on the Human Smuggling Trail

Jason De León

October 16, 5:00pm—6:30pm

Who Belongs at Home?

Kamila Shamsie, Emily Wilson

October 23, 5:00pm—6:30pm

Kinship Reloaded: Humans, Animals, and the Urban

Dorothee Brantz

October 30, 5:00- 6:30pm

Molecular Feminisms and Biophilosophies of Becoming

Deboleena Roy

December 4, 5:00pm—6:30pm

Collectivizing Kinship

Gail Hershatter

January 22, 7:00pm 

Scribe Video Center - Short Film Showcase

In Relation Film Series 

January 29, 5:00pm—6:30pm

The Genealogical Prison

Shahzad Bashir, Jamal Elias

February 5, 7:00 pm

Naseem (The Morning Breeze)

In Relation Film Series 

February 12, 5:00pm—6:30pm

Rethinking Care Work, Dis(Affection) and the Politics of Paid Household Labor

Premilla Nadasen

February 19, 7:00pm

Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival

In Relation Film Series 

March 4, 7:00pm

Stolen Daughters: Kidnapped by Boko Haram

In Relation Film Series 

March 8, 2:00pm

Deaf Child

Penn Museum Second Sunday Culture Films 

March 18, 5:00pm—6:30pm

“For Tomorrow For Tonight”

Arnika Fuhrmann