Gift from Noelle and Dick Wolf endows the Penn Humanities Forum

Dick Wolf, C’69, PAR’15, and Noelle Wolf

Gift from Noelle and Dick Wolf endows the Penn Humanities Forum

Welcome to the Wolf Humanities Center, the newly renamed Penn Humanities Forum! A gift from Noelle and Dick Wolf has provided a permanent endowment for Penn’s humanities center, which will establish itself in a newly renovated wing of Williams Hall in Fall 2017. Dick Wolf is a University of Pennsylvania alumnus best known as the multiple Emmy-winning creator of the “Law & Order” and “Chicago” branded series.

For the past 18 years, the Penn Humanities Forum has been supporting innovative scholarship and promoting conversation between scholars, students, and an ever larger and more diverse array of non-academic constituencies. Hundreds of scholars have received our fellowships, and our public events draw thousands of people every year from throughout the Philadelphia area. The Wolf gift stands as a recognition of the Forum’s achievements and an endorsement of our ambition to make Penn a major hub for regional, national, and global humanities research.

The humanities are more than ever in need of resources such as the Wolf gift represents. But the common view that they have been shrinking and are in retreat is mistaken. The humanities are expanding, becoming ever more vital participants in many fields, from sustainability and climate studies to disability and the health sciences. The Wolf Humanities Center will continue the proud tradition of the Penn Humanities Forum, supporting humanists in their wider ambitions and ensuring that their voices are heard.

James English
Director, Wolf Humanities Center