Undergraduate Fellows

  • Catherine Campbell

    Health & Societies

    CAS, 2020

    Project: Care in Nursing Practice, 1880–1930

    Catherine Campbell is a Health and Societies major concentrating in the history of medicine, with a minor in Urban Studies. She is especially interested in the history of the work of women caregivers, both... (more)

  • Cecily (Yujiao) Chen

    English & History of Art

    CAS, 2020

    Project: Feeling Good about Feeling Bad: Sex, Pain, and Vulnerability in Kathy Acker’s Blood and Guts in High School

    Cecily is a senior pursuing a double major in English (with a concentration in Literary Theory and Cultural Studies) and History of Art. She is currently working on her honors thesis in English on the... (more)

  • Kate Dildy


    CAS, 2020

    Project: Starting Close to Home: Relational Care and Global Justice

    Kate is studying philosophy, with a minor in statistics and interests in global justice, theories of action, and the social components of medical, technological, and scientific innovation.  She has... (more)

  • Michael John

    Africana & Political Science

    CAS, 2020

    Project: Nation Building: An Exploration of Ethnic Identity in Post Colonial Guyana

    Michael is a senior Africana & Political Science major, who studied non-western art and repatriation efforts in Paris the summer before transferring to Penn as a junior. His research interests are centered around... (more)

  • Eva Karlen


    CAS, 2021

    Project: Social and Cultural History of the Woodlands Cemetery

  • Clare Kearns

    Classics and Comparative Literature

    CAS, 2020

    Project: Αὐτάδελφος and Φιλάδελφος: the Language of Kinship in Sophocles’ Antigone

    Kearns is a senior studying Classical Studies and Comparative Literature in the College of Arts and Sciences. Clare is interested in the relationship between antiquity and the present. Her research... (more)

  • Brooke Krancer


    CAS, 2020

    Project: "A Modern and Distinctively Scottish Portrait”: Scottish Modern Art and National Identity in the Interwar Period

    Brooke is a senior majoring in History and minoring in Art History. Focusing on the early twentieth century, she is particularly interested in modern art and architecture, the interwar period in Europe,... (more)

  • John Ortega

    Health & Societies

    CAS, 2020

    Project: Nun Left: The Lost Identity of Catholic Healthcare Administrations

    John Ortega is a Senior majoring in Health and Societies and concentrating in Public Health. He is interested in the role of faith in health and is specifically researching the role that Catholicism has... (more)

  • Andrej Patoski

    Biology and Economics,

    CAS, 2020

    Project: Changes in kin and social network structure due to low fertility and emigration: Case study of South-Eastern Europe

    Andrej is a senior from Macedonia studying Computational Biology and Economics. His primary interest lies in the application of statistical and scientific tools in the humanities and social sciences. He... (more)

  • Chloe Tan

    Executive Board, Wolf Undergraduate Humanities Forum

    Philosophy, Politics & Economics and Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies

    CAS, 2020

    Project: Global City with Cautious Dreams: The Paradoxical Construction of Kinship in Singapore

    Chloe is a senior double majoring in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies. Her research interest lies at the intersection of her two majors, particularly in the... (more)

  • Archana Upadhyay


    CAS, 2020

    Project: That More Peculiar “Peculiar Institution”: British Perceptions of Slavery in the Ottoman Empire

    Archana is a senior from Illinois majoring in History. Her main academic interest is global imperial history, with special focuses on race, gender, and cultural representation. As part of the Penn and... (more)

  • Yuxin Wen

    Comparative Literature and Art History

    CAS, 2020

    Project: Of Two Minds: A Critical Study of the Existential Kinship through the Correspondences between Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir

    Yuxin (affectionately known as Viv/Vivi/Vivian) is a senior from Jiangsu, China. She majors in comparative literature and minors in creative writing and art history. As the senior editor of DoubleSpeak... (more)

  • Changyue Yin


    CAS, 2020

    Project: In a Family with a Communist Dream: Accounts of An Indonesian Immigrant Family before and after the Cultural Revolution in the People’s Republic of China. 

    Changyue is a senior History major and a minor in Art History. Her project for the Wolf Humanities Center was inspired by an oral history class project on her grandparents’ experience during the Cultural... (more)