Penn Faculty Fellows

  • Jamal J. Elias

    Walter H. Annenberg Professor of the Humanities, Religious Studies

    Project: After Rumi: Lineage and Authority in a Sufi Order

    Jamal J. Elias is Walter H. Annenberg Professor of the Humanities and Professor of Religious Studies at Penn, where he teaches about Islamic intellectual history and culture with a focus on Western and... (more)

  • Siyen Fei

    Associate Professor, Department of History 

    Project: The Crossing: Captivity, Slavery, and Migration on 16th-century Chinese Frontiers 

  • Errol Lord

    Associate Professor of Philosophy

    Project: The Boundaries of Morality, Partiality, and the Morally Exceptional

    Errol Lord is an Associate Professor and Graduate Chair of Philosophy. He works on ethical theory, epistemology, aesthetics, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of action. He is the author The Importance of... (more)

  • Jairo Moreno

    Associate Professor, Department of Music

    Project: Aural Mutuality: Midwifery and Kinship Transformation

    Jairo Moreno is Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Department of Music. His work addresses the production of knowledge of music and the sonic in modernity from a historic-speculative... (more)