Jeffrey Careyva

Penn Humanities Forum Undergraduate Fellow

20172018 Forum on Afterlives

Jeffrey Careyva

English, Philosophy

CAS, 2018

Jeffrey Careyva is a senior from Ringtown, PA, where he helps his father run their family farm. He is majoring in both Philosophy and English with a concentration in Literary Theory and Cultural Studies. His research interests include American poetry, Kantian philosophy, Heideggerian philosophy and post-structuralism. Jeffrey is also a deputy news editor for the Daily Pennsylvanian and copyright editor for DoubleSpeak magazine. He loves horror film, Philadelphia's music community and learning to cook.  

What Heidegger's Ghost Means for Derrida and Poetry

My research project will shed light on the relation between philosophers Jacques Derrida and Martin Heidegger in their writings on poetry and on poetry’s relationship to philosophy. Derrida frequently denounced Heidegger’s philosophy as yet another metaphysics of presence, but Heidegger’s thought remains central to Derrida in several obscure and haunting ways. Heidegger’s ghost lives on through Derrida, and it is to be determined how this ghost haunts Derrida’s thought on the literary vis-à-vis the philosophical. Though he theorized the ‘spectre’ and what it means to be haunted, Derrida is at an impasse when he tries to understand the Geist that Heidegger finds in poetry. I will formulate to what extent Derrida’s thought on poetry remains Heideggerian and how severe Derrida’s critique is for Heidegger’s poetics.