Dillon Bergin

Wolf Humanities Center Undergraduate Fellow

20182019 Forum on Stuff

Dillon Bergin

Comparative Literature

CAS, 2019

Dillon is a senior Comparative Literature major with a minor in Journalistic Writing, who studied German Literature in the beautiful city of Freiburg, Germany before transferring to Penn as junior. The focus of his project for the Wolf Humanities Forum will land on yet a another continent however, as he researches a modern student revolt in South Africa. The idea for this began when he wrote an article for the Daily Pennsylvanian about two Penn students who left their South African universities in the wake of these protests. When his editor refused to publish the article because it was too political, he took this as a challenge to make into a larger project. This summer he worked for the Philadelphia Inquirer and spent a month in South Africa to continue research. His interest is stories, and food, and this seems to frequently take him to new places and people.

Artifacts of Apartheid: Student Revolt in South Africa

The paper documents is a student protest movement that began in South Africa in 2015 when students demanded that a statue Cecil Rhodes, infamous British imperialist, be removed from the University of Cape Town campus. Since 2015, these protests have spread to universities across South Africa and taken on the wider cause of decolonizing education in post-apartheid South Africa. They have interrupted exams, caused shutdowns, and raised intense debates about the content and purpose of higher education. By analyzing the history, political thought, and literature that have shaped the country after apartheid, as well interviewing those involved in the movement, I hope to frame this contemporary student revolt as it relates to the field of postcolonial studies in South Africa.